Why Spirit Farm?

Because all personal development is spiritual growth. You are a whole person—body, mind, heart, soul. And your health depends on learning cultivate growth in all areas of your life.

Spirit Farm takes spiritual growth outside the traditional box.

And helps you re-imagine how to better connect with God, others, and yourself. We’re waging war on legalism, categories, and the religious pride that sacrifices love and grace on the altar of brands, buildings, and budgets—remembering that “church” is people, and God is available and accessible to everyone…all the time.


We’re blurring the false lines between sacred and secular. All growth is spiritual growth.

Personal development, self-help, emotional intelligence, mental health, physical wellness… It’s all spiritual! It’s all spiritual because you are a spiritual being made in the image of the Divine Designer. Your soul is like the “flux capacitor,” super-charging life with purpose and passion for the whole of your being, and whispering to you of things eternal. Spirit Farm is not “the answer,” but part of the conversation. And we’re here to serve you, your family, and your friends on your spiritual journey.

Signing up is free and easy.

Most of what Spirit Farm offers is completely free because we are a Not-for-Profit built on monthly, tax-deductible donations from people in our community—like you. When you sign-up with your email, you’ll be…
  • Joining the revolution in spiritual growth
  • Boosting your overall well-being (body, mind, heart, soul)
  • Prioritizing your spiritual connection
  • Elevating your daily and weekly routines
  • Sparking better conversations around your dinner table
  • Solving the constant problem in your group of “What should we discuss next?”
  • Receiving coaching on how to impact the people, neighborhoods, and cities around you
  • Invited to refocus, refuel, and recharge in the normal rhythms of life

Spirit Farm is probably for you if…

  • You are hungry for more in your life
  • You know that you are a spiritual being
  • You follow Jesus or are intrigued by Jesus  
  • You are turned off by going through religious motions
  • You value honest, authentic, and accessible insights into spiritual things 
  • You want help facilitating meaningful (but not awkwardly religious) conversations with friends and family


Don’t chase success only to discover it wasn’t what you'd hoped. Peace leads to purpose, to passion, to progress…then to your fullest potential.

Experience Peace

Peace is possible, and we can help you on that path. Peace means harmony, wholeness, connectedness… It can be well with your soul.

Find Direction

If you feel like you’re falling, flailing, failing, we can help. Your path is one decision away.