Are prayers felt?

Have you heard someone say, “I could feel your prayers”? Could they? It seems so. I’ve heard it many times, and I’ve experienced it as well. Like the time I was so sick and still had to speak on stage several times in a weekend. I didn’t think I could do it, but I seemed to gain strength as the weekend went on, sensing people praying for me.

How about when people publicly say, “Send your thoughts and prayers out to those in need.” Even people who wouldn’t claim to know or have relationship with God say this, and have for generations. Why? There must be something to it. And somewhere deep within, we all seem to believe prayers matter—or at least we want to believe that.

Famous voice coach, Roger Love, taught me that we feel each other’s voices. Not just in our ears, but the actual waves of sound hit us, physically. Contact is made. Our voices have invisible, tangible power.

And what if, in the spiritual realm, our voices, prayers and words keep going? They keep going and going until they reach the recipient  with a “spiritual vibration”—or something mysterious like that.

God wouldn’t tell us to pray if it didn’t matter. It’s a mystery, but it matters.

Pray. Speak life toward others. God will honor you. And we can feel you.