As we near the close of December and 2019, I want to offer you a practical reflection exercise.

To make the most of this experience, set aside two hours. I know, you don’t have two hours to set aside. That is, until you realize that your health and wholeness are your top priority.

You know how we’re instructed on airplanes that if the cabin pressure should change and masks drop, secure your own mask first, then that of any kid or person who needs your help? Well, this is like that.

First: Your health. You being your best you is best for them.

Second: Their health. Helping them be their best them.

In that vein, here’s a look back to look forward.

Monthly Reflection: December

How am I feeling today?
The emotions I’m experiencing are…
The story behind these emotions is…

If the last month were a chapter of a book, I’d give it this title…

In the last month, I’m most proud of…

In the next month, I’d most like to…

Read: Luke 5

(I recommend The Bible App, NIV or NLT translations)

Pray: God, help me to quiet my mind and listen to your Spirit.

Read: Luke 5 (again)

What God might be saying to me is… (this may or may not have anything to do with the passage from Luke.)

  • What I notice this these verses is…
  • What I think it means to me is…
  • What I want to do in response is…


Inhale: Receive life and direction from the Spirit
Exhale: Release anxiety, fear, and selfishness


Is there anything else that I should be paying attention to?
How might I think differently about the month in front of me?
How will better care for my own health and connectedness—to God, myself, and others?
What (and who) are my highest priorities for the month?