Life change happens in circles—not in rows. Growth comes as we persevere through struggles—not sermons.


Look, all of us have had bad or mixed experiences in small groups, support groups, teams, or clubs. And yet, all of us recognize that loneliness and isolation will  literally kill us. We need each other.

Now, you can find friends all kinds of places—work, gym, club, online, church gatherings… But it’s critical to your health and growth to have at least of few people in your life who truly care about you at a deep level and have some sort of alignment with you regarding the things that matter most in life.

Local churches who form small groups can be great resources for helping you cultivate connections (as can other entities mentioned), but here’s the critical point: Own, don’t outsource, your spiritual growth. Your growth and your connection to God, others, and yourself is YOUR responsibility.


Everybody needs a few.

Are you in a group? A small group, Support group, Book club, etc?

We have a Playlist on the Spirit Farm YouTube channel with video teachings and discussion questions that correspond to each teaching. Totally free! Use these bring insight and inspiration to your group and family conversations.

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 Watch the Intro Video and the “First Five” Series for groups new to Spirit Farm. We provide a digital Discussion Guide that aligns with each video for a great conversation!


“Living Water” Group Experience – Video 003

In video 3 of the Spirit Farm Group Experience Caleb talks about the Jesus' encounter with a woman that changes her view of herself...and helps us examine our views of others. From John 4.   DISCUSSION GUIDE:

“Four Friends” Group Experience – Video 004

In video 4 of the Spirit Farm Group Experience intro series, Caleb talks about four friends who go to great lengths for a friend. From Mark 2. DISCUSSION GUIDE:

“New Beginnings” Group Experience – Video 005

In video 5 of the Spirit Farm Group Experience intro series, Caleb talks about the most important event in the history of the world - the resurrection - and how it can give us a new beginning each and every day. Discussion Guide:

Are you a group leader?

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