You can’t prepare for everything. So prepare yourself for anything.
On the podcast this week, I interview Martin Kirsten. Martin is protection professional who has guarded some of the most influential men and women in Hollywood.
In our interview, Martin talks about a variety of things, including being prepared for whatever might go wrong.
The more I’ve reflected about this, I’ve decided that I’m so grateful that people like Martin exist and do what they do—keeping others of us protected in this crazy world. At the same time, I don’t want to live in fear of calamity. Instead, what if we prepare ourselves, internally, so we’re at peace and poised for any external situation?
I suggest you start by being still for a few moments, right now. Breathe in, and receive God’s comfort. You are not alone in this world. Breathe out and release fear and anxiety. You’ll be more in tune with the next right steps if your heart and head are not gripped by fear.
Prepare your inner world for whatever may come in your outer world.
In many ways, this is what Spirit Farm is all about: Doing the inner work that makes the outer work. I hope we continue to serve you on your unique and courageous journey.
And I hope you enjoy this episode with my friend Martin Kirsten. WATCH | LISTEN