Meet Caleb

Caleb Anderson is changing the way people think about Spiritual Growth, Personal Development, and Leadership. He's a refreshingly authentic and practical Spiritual Guide that communicates in honest and accessible ways for regular people. Caleb leans into the liberating truth that freedom and fulfillment are possible (even for type-A high-performers) when we connect with reality—and our humanness (struggles and failures)—unlocking our potential and leading to increased purpose and passion. If you are open-minded to the simplicity of spiritual growth and daily opportunities to invest in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development then Caleb will be a welcomed encouragement to you.

Caleb is a gifted leader and communicator.

Having led fast-growing churches, started for and not-for-profit organizations, and authoring multiple and inspirational books and courses. Caleb speaks regularly about the following topics:

  • WHOLE life health and integration 
  • (re)Building a life of authentic faith and fulfillment 
  • Healthy leadership/entrepreneurship 
  • Finding inner peace while still making progress 

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Don’t chase success only to discover it wasn’t what you'd hoped. Peace leads to purpose, to passion, to progress…then to your fullest potential.

Experience Peace

Peace is possible, and we can help you on that path. Peace means harmony, wholeness, connectedness… It can be well with your soul.

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If you feel like you’re falling, flailing, failing, we can help. Your path is one decision away.